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About Me

Well to start things off, my current daily driver and project car is a 2000 Honda Civic EX.  My career revolves around computers.  I guess you could say it's consulting, but I do a great deal of hands on as well.  Along with the development of this site, I'm working on my business site.  I'm starting a computer company entitled IonPCs which will focus on custom computers, accessories, and related services.  I've been trained in Microsoft courses as well as Cisco networking academies.  I have a broad set of interests.  Some of which include astronomy, hockey, bmx, electronics, music, movies, and of course computers and networking.  Cars are my second hobby.  I love to learn, especially on my own.  I've also got to say, driving is very fun too!  I plan to compete in auto-x and/or circuit racing this summer for the first time thanks to my rear disc conversion.  I look forward to racing you all!


Project Status - Updates

I'm currently in the midst of an upgrade project.  This is the 5th upgrade session which includes a rear disc brake conversion, custom stainless steel brake lines, adjustable proportioning valve, Tokico dampers with Tein springs, front and rear Buddy Club camber kit, Cusco 18mm rear sway bar, ASR sub frame brace, polyurethane mounts all around including Hasport engine mounts, Hondata intake manifold gasket, front strut tower bar, custom catch can, wire tuck, custom stainless steel clutch line, JDM style grill (thanks Casey), and a whole lot more.  Check updates for progress and pictures.  My camera has been broken for the last few months, so progress reports have been slowed.  It's coming along though!


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Omni Power Front Camber Kit

Earl's Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

My Rides

2000 Honda Civic EJ8

    Engine: B16A

    Transmission: Y21 LSD

    Legacy: Winter '05 - ?

    Goal:  450whp track/daily driver

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